Caroline Noe

November 8th, 2019


I asked Caroline where she would like to chat:

I wait for you in the darkness, hidden from the scouring rays of the sun by jagged edge of rock. For as long as I can remember, only my people have ever ventured past the barrier of predators buried in invisible readiness, teeth and claws twitching beneath the sand, slithering in the heat. A generation passed before one of you agreed to listen, to see the untouchable face to face. Decades of death, suffering and begging unheeded, until now. I am not a good host. There’s nothing to offer a drinker of the finest wine, but a sip of tepid water, more precious to me than all your wealth.

Why are you coming now? What have you to ask of me from your other world? What if you come, only to betray and take more from one who has nothing? But I will talk. I must find my courage for those who still hide and for release of my imprisoned voice.

Laura Mae: What inspired you to enter the world of writing?

Caroline Noe: I’ve always been a lover of story and a creative writer of some description. Over the years, that’s encompassed poetry, song lyrics, short story, creative free writing, screenplays and now novels. Imagination has found many outlets.

L: How long have you been writing for?

C: I’ve been writing since childhood, but in terms of novels, only in the last few years, having moved from screenplays.

L: What are you currently working on?

C: I’m currently editing the second book in a science fiction trilogy. Canellian Eye: Prophecy was published in February, with Rebellion still on target for the end of October. The trilogy should hopefully complete next summer. It’s a gut wrenching exploration of destiny and how that can take an unexpected course. The stakes have risen even higher for book 2. Start stockpiling tissues and prepare to say goodbye to beloved characters. 

L: Besides writing, what is it you like to do?

C: I’m an avid photographer and am hoping to turn professional in due course. My Instagram feed is primarily my own photography. Go see what you think. 

L: What would you say is your favorite book or series of all time? Why?

C: Although it isn’t an easy read, my favorite work has to be Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings for the sheer scale of world building and the multiple themes. Frodo’s carrying of the ring resonates on every level and the exploration of true friendship tears me apart.

L: Are there any regrets you have or anything you wish you knew sooner?

C: I’ve thought about this, but I don’t actually regret any aspect of my creativity over the years, just that it wasn’t as successful as I’d have liked. Should I have written novels earlier? Possibly, but I doubt that I was ready then. My heart was with acting and singing in those years.

L: In a brief statement, have you self-published or traditionally published? What was your experience?

C: I self published both of my books and Rebellion will be the third. It was a steep learning curve of formatting and technicalities alongside the creative elements, but ultimately achievable. Marketing has proved to be the more difficult skill to master.

L: What are you currently reading?

C: I’m currently reading Chaining Daisy by Julia Blake and Limbonian by Mikki Noble.

L: What genre do you read?

C: I decided, last year, to read and review fellow indie authors’ books as a way of investing into the community. I have, therefore, read multiple genres which has proved to be an absolute joy. Reviews have been posted for drama, thriller, gothic horror, modern romance, sci fi, fantasy, YA fantasy and horror.

L: What does a typical day of writing look like for you? Any rituals or ‘must-haves’?

C: I fit my writing into whatever time I can. All I need is a copious supply of tea.

L: Any songs or type of music you need to listen to when you write?

C: Absolutely no music when I write. Silence is preferable, but that’s rarely possible in London. I’m such a lover of music that if it’s on, I’ll be listening to it, instead of writing.

L: What’s a word or phrase that people say that always irritates you?

C: You attract what you deserve. That makes me livid. I’ve seen so many people face situations that they most definitely didn’t deserve. 

L: Who is your favorite literary character and why?

C: Sherlock Holmes is a character of brilliance. Literally. The character is so good that he withstands updating. His faults, foibles and genius were so cleverly written that he’s subject to modern psychoanalysis.

L: Where would you say you get most of your inspiration?

C: I’m primarily inspired by idealism, theme and psychology and create worlds around that. I love sci fi and fantasy because they are both rich grounds for metaphor.

L: For aspiring writers out there, what would be the best advice you want them to know?

C: The best advice I was given was ‘Put bum on seat’. There’s no substitute for sheer hard graft. Inspiration and the ‘muse’ are lovely, but perspiration produces books.  I would also advise reading as much as humanly possible to learn how it’s done.

Carrie 1 goodreads.JPGI live and work in London, having earned my living as, amongst other things, a tour guide for Wembley Stadium, shoe salesman, dog walker and keyboard jockey. Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama & Theatre Studies, I became an actor and singer, where I swiftly learnt the difference between dreaming and hard graft. I’m a keen photographer and film buff, having once reviewed film for live radio broadcast. I love Science Fiction & Fantasy and would, if I could, live in Hobbiton and work in Gotham. I believe that real life is also epic and mystical, if you work hard enough at seeing it that way.

You can find Caroline on Facebook, Instagram and her website.


Firestone Key_pb-eb@0,75x.jpgFirestone Key: What power would you use to make it right? Elaine survives an abusive childhood that leaves her with a scarred face and an exceptional mind. In order to save humanity from a terrible fate, she devises The Project: an impossible manipulation of time. But when the fading vortex inexplicably bursts into life, Elaine is blasted into a medieval society that bears no relation to the history books; a land of curiously human animals, foul monsters and violent magic; a land living in fear of the infamous Firestone and the hideous Queen that wields its power. Finding in the oppressed villagers the family she has always craved, Elaine learns that time is in flux and every action bears a consequence. Encountering a traitor as scarred as herself, she begins a relationship that will tragically alter future, present and past. But what is the Firestone? And what if it lies closer than she knows, for… Every evil has an origin.

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That time is long past.

In the wake of dying twin suns, this generation faces extinction as the carving crumbles under the onslaught of an Ice Age.

Then, in the depths of despair, a child is born, bearing a singular birthmark: the symbol of their foretold saviour, Jehul’s Eye.

In a bid to find New Canellia, the Chosen youth launch into space, following their Prophet, Quaylan.

But where is he leading them?Destiny is never simple.

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