Greetings! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I sadly didn’t do anything this year, but that’s okay! Being an adult with no kids kind of sucks sometimes, but whatya gonna do? Anywho, now it the season for… get ready for it…


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Of course I am participating this year in hopes to finish my final book in the Fliers series! I’ve already started off pretty well, but my main concern is, I’m more than halfway through the book and I’m not sure it needs an extra 50k words to complete it. I did want to make this last book a bit longer, since it’s the last one and has a lot of ends to tie up, but I am already at about 44k words and my last two books were close to 80k. But I think I can do it!

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Even more exciting than me doing it again is I convinced my sister to do it, too! She is a great writer and has been writing casually longer than me (she’s 6 years older than me). She’s always love to write and I’m happy that she’s finally trying it out. It would be really cool to help her with the publishing part – if she decides to, that is. We also live together so it’s really nice being able to talk to someone about writing, and someone who knows the struggles. She’s even been talking about doing cover art! Eeeee!!

If you are participating in nano this year, I would love to have you as a buddy! Feel free to add me! lauramaeauthor is my user name.

Happy writing!

Laura Mae ❤


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