The Indie-Go Interviews


These super fun interviews have sadly come to an end. But please feel free to check out all the amazing authors I’ve had the pleasure of talking to. You may just find your new favorite author!


Laura Segal Stegman

“Hopes, daydreams, hard work

Never, ever giving up

Dreams come true for me.”

Jason Lady

“Making readers laugh

Sparking imagination

My top writing goals.”

J. Clark


Makes Art


David Viergutz

“The castle walls bleed

darkness grips the throats of men

nightmares have no bounds.”

Claire Buss

“A wrestler of words

Tapping creativity

Works with cake and tea.”

Laura DiNovis Berry

“She’s a silly one.

Laughing too loud and smiling

at him far too long.”

Debra Harman

“Orange peach in masons

Bittersweet taste of summer

Mason jars ping now.”

Ursula Visser

“Lover of dragons

A mind drifting in story’s

Come, go fly with me.”

G.M. Nair

“I can’t write haikus.

I’m really bad with numbers.

How many syllab-.”

A. R. Vagnetti

“Courage gives strength

A damaged, dark soul needs love

Passion seals the deal.”

Skye McDonald

Drew Melborne

“My three year old son

Asked me to write a haiku

About butts. No, Sam.”

Steve Hollands

“Child of the Forest

I find my magic there

And weave it into tales…”

E. J. Dawson

“All the prose we see

Tells not the heart’s own song

Write from within thee.”

April Emerson

“Capture my mind,

The moment is the seed of

My inspiration.”

S.L. Brown

“Speak to me and see

Thoughts that make you think deeply

And a pic or two.”

David Partelow

“My writing rings true

Volumes and depth and fun but

Never in Haiku.”

Angelique Migliore

“Tall, with frizzy curls

I am not an introvert,

I forge my own path.”

Gerald L. Guy

“Roaming the frontier;

Or running on all fours;

Adventure prevails.”

Melina Lewis

“Clouds are grey today

Mountains sleep under green moss

Alas, mind rests not.”

Abbigayle Grace

“Give me fairy wings,

Elfin bow, fine dragon steed.

Or a pen and ink.”

Wanda Fischer

“Summer is Baseball

Winter waits writing year round

Radio sound waves.”

Jonathan Lazar

“To write is to dream

To dream is to be alive

To be alive, write.”

Lydia Russell

“The woods are dark, yes

But beneath wild oaks I walk

With my heart laid bare.”

Bella Rayne

“Open to her depths

uncoiling in playful awe

Heart is blossoming.”

T.R. Tells

“Who is T.R. Tells?

Someone who will make you smile.

And have a good time.”

Patricia Correll

“Some days, my friend says,

She’s all kittens and rainbows.

Some she’s just dark, man.”

Terry Melia

“Liverpool summer

Passion – heatwave – action

because of crime.”

Ruby Marley

“Rubies are my friends,

And poodles are my besties.

I want  more of all.”

C. Casarico

“Roses and magic

is where the adventure starts

a land of magic.”

Eileen Curley Hammond

“Oblivious, I write

Deaf to the world’s cacophony

Until I am spent.”

Caroline Noe

“Gazing up at stars

Silent, rotating, shooting

Wonder which am I.”

John Leys

“Rhythm of the words

Echoing inside my brain

Enshrined in black ink.”

Isabel Scheck

“Writing is freedom,

When cosmic universes

travel in my mind.”

Rebecca Hutto

“A wandering soul

Searching for new light through words 

Watching, waiting, me.”

Sean McMahon

“Five seven five right?

Seems real simple <cracks knuckles>

Whoops I wasted words.”

Zack Codso

“Living in his head

The music is loud

He writes it all down at night.”

R.F. Hurteau

“There is no truth that

Could ever be enough to

Keep her from dreaming.”

Chad Descoteaux

“Autistic sci-fi

Writer creating fourteen

Book multiverse? Yup!”

Zachary J. Adam

“Long stretch of nothing,

Sudden burst, hundred words,

Time for some more tea.”

Kelsey Ann Lovelady

“Long-hand writer here.

Journals and Pens are the best.

Can I have more please?”

Austin Case

“I can’t be a mage,

Magic’s only in the mind,

At least I can write.”

Dawn Hosmer

“She walks along paths

Wondering and Wandering

Dreaming up stories.”

Mansu Edwards

“Strength in mind all day

Powerful entity right

Effortless is me.”

Lucie Guerre

“My legacy: ink

Tattooing across my heart,

Each beat, a dark smudge.”

Linette Kasper

“Born storyteller

Clicking keys create stories

When time permits it.”

Savanna Roberts

“Quirky Quiet Girl

Writing Life And Love And Hope

To Make People Think.”

Laura Kehoe

“Stories fill my dreams

And follow me when I wake

They will never stop.”

Kara S. Weaver

“Sitting in the dark,

Most comfortable with words,

Focused with a smile.”

E. Kathryn

“Writer, illustrator, humanesque creature

Doesn’t get enough sunlight

Lives solely on tea.”

Stella Williams

“What represents me?

Dark Chocolate and

Paranormal Dreams.”

Avalon Roselin

“Aspiring to be

An inspiration to all

Who need me to be.”

Donise Sheppard

“Reader, writer, mom.

Romance, horror, sad drama.

Stories are my life.”

M.J. Slate

“Mom, wife, and writer

Authorpreneur fueled by

Coffee and Chocolate.”

B. L. Moore

“With a puzzled look,

he wonders

‘am I doing this right?'”

Forest Wells

“Teller of journeys.

Slightly Crazy. Loyal fan.

Stubborn wolf.”

Laura Koerber

“Golden sandstone wall

Three horned gods watch in silence

Nothing dies completely.”

Stephanie Ann

“A wistful writer

Whose dreams reach beyond this world

Her mind her vessel.”

M.L.W. Lundeen

“Writer and Night Owl

Creator of Worlds and Tales

Fantasy is Life.”

Shanna Swenson

“Reader, writer, dreamer- in that order

Romance with a dose of reality

True love really is the key.”

Cheryl Lawson

“Come to write, I have

Of worlds not yet imagined

Life moves with the pen.”

Crystal L. Kirkham

“Write every second

I keep tears in jar for flavour

Salt seasons all things.”

Ryan Hickey

“Children of Winter

Alone, the chosen six Fall

Together, comes Spring.”

Joe Passanisi

“Husband and father

Love hard work dedication

Always there to help.”

Jenée Robinson

“Writer, wife, mother.

Transcending worlds with words

Stuck in my own head.”

Bryant Wiley

“Between dark and light

Shadows exist in silence

Awaiting the end.”

P.A. O’Neil

“Writing is something

That satisfies my spirit,

Hope you enjoy it.”

Melissa Sell

“Therapy of words

Whovian to the extreme

Dragonfly to Queen.”

M. L. Pennock

“Tangible romance

Art mirrors reality

True life reflected.”

Jensen Reed

“Coffee consumption

Battling zombies at night

I’m always tired.”

Kira McKinney

“The blackness descends

dank, cold, dripping wet arms creep

safe in my dreamscape.”

Heather Blair

“Hopeless romantic,

Lover of fictional men,

Dreamer and doer.”

S. R. Severn

“Tests, Conflict, Tension

Wicked Nights and Heartfelt Looks,

True Love Conquers All.”

Corry R. Heppler

“Deep, dark, eccentric

Constantly writing…happy

Forever secret.”

Jessica Shaut

“Drama and heartache

Written by a Hufflepuff

Oops! They kissed again.”

Sam Hendricks

“I write to be free

In the dark and in the sun

Never really done.”

Azaa’a Davis

“Fresh blood on the scene,

Stories for you to consume,

Butterflies and scares.”

Sarah Bailey


Like a bird amongst the stars,

My words make hearts soar.”

Silas Day

“Nothing is hidden

To the old and to the new

All is clear as day.”

V. Mylynne Smith

“Alone and quiet

I find myself once again

With paper and pen.”

H.S. Dundee

“Adventure, love, thrill

Death lurks behind every page

Yet cheerful I am.”

Michael Chrobak

“Books don’t write themselves

Someone must type out the words

that’s where I come in.”

Fae Corvan

“Desert sands too hot

Praying for rain or colder

Indoors till winter.”

Yvonne Lozanno

“I like D&D

Pokemon and animals

and video games.”

Tiffany Crystal

“I like Doctor Who

I can kill you with my mind

Firefly for the win!”

K.E. Radke

“You will remember

to keep alcohol ready

when reading reviews.”

Sarah Jane Day

“I ask for little

Coffee, gin, and chocolate

To keep me going.”