Gone: A Jynx and Dobby Story

This is a little quick story I wrote a few years ago. Enjoy!

“Crap! Is that the time?! I’ve gotta go!” she looks at the wall clock, pushes her feet into her shoes and grabs her keys. ”Bye pookie! I’ll miss you!” she kisses a small tan colored dog on the head and runs out the door.

The dog’s tail wiggles from side to side, but droops, as the door slams shut. The dog’s beady eyes stare at the doorknob for a few moments as whimpering follows. The dog goes from his sit position to down position. His precious moment eyes continually stare at the door, staying perfectly still. Silence waves over the small apartment.

“She’ s not coming back, you know,” a voice from the windowsill spoke.

“What do you mean?!” the dog’s ears perk up.

“She left you here to die,” a slender and silky black cat stretches out from his catnap.

“What?!” the dog runs over to the cat who jumps a bit at his approach.

“What do you mean, what? Do you think I would make something like that up, Dobby?” the cat dampens his paw and dramatically swipes it over his face.

“Cut it out Jynx. I don’t believe you!” Dobby barks.

Jynx pauses for a moment to stare down the dog with uncaring eyes and continues to bathe himself. Dobby angrily stares at Jynx for minute and begins to whine again. With an absent of response from the self-involved feline, Dobby returns to his normal spot in front of the door, and sits. Seconds feel like hours to the pup as he grew impatient, looking from the doorknob to the cat, over and over again.

“Why do you think she’s not coming back?” Dobby stands back up, whining even louder.

Jynx stops cleaning himself and jumps down to the tiled floor next to the dog.

You know that thing she’s always holding in front of her face that’s bright and sometimes makes sounds?”

Dobby nods his head slightly with his tongue out.

“Well, she left it on the table,” Jynx slowly moves his head in the direction of the cell phone. Dobby glances in the direction of the item, but then straight back to Jynx, waiting for a more straight forward answer.

Jynx sighs. “Don’t you know what that means?”

Dobby shakes his head and quietly whines for not knowing the answer.

“Well, obviously, dog! Wherever she is going, it’s gotta be more important than that stupid thing, otherwise she would’ve taken it with her!” Jynx lays his ears back and bats a paw at the dog.

“Oooh…” Dobby sits and ponders on this for many seconds. He responds, “soo…”

The annoyed and frustrated cat, answers slowly. “Sooo, it means that she won’t be coming back!”

Dobby’s ears perk up again. “No! That cant be true– she has to come back! Who’s gonna feed us!?”

Rolling his eyes, Jynx continues to lick himself as Dobby panics.

“And play with us and curl up next to and pet us– and FEED US?!” Dobby whines louder, pacing back and forth in front of the door. Not sure how to handle this news and anxiety, he darts off into his owner’s bedroom and trifles through her shoes on the closet floor. He sniffs at all of the wonderful smells and happily picks one out; a grey flip-flop with a grey band and slightly darker gray things on it. He frolics back into the space where Jynx is and happily shreds into the shoe with all of his might and wagging tail.

Jynx witnesses what Dobby is doing, lays down, rolls over on his back and stretches his long body. “What are you doing?”

Dobby grabs the shoe by the strap and violently shakes it from side to side. “Well–” he starts, with the shoe muffling his voice, “–if she’s not coming back, I guess she won’t mind if I help myself to this thing. I’ve been eyeing it for months but she I know she’ll get mad at me if I start playing with it.” He happily uses his paws to tear off pieces.

“This is going to be hilarious,” Jynx whispers to himself while looking at Dobby upside down and purring.

Dobby stops chewing. “What’d you say?”

Jynx immediately flips back over and stands up. “Oh, nothing,” he purrs.

“What’s funny?” Dobby growls and barks at Jynx.

Jynx jumps up on the couch with his tail straight up and hisses at Dobby. Dobby continues to bark incessantly at the cat, as Jynx threatens him to stay back with his sharp claws out, ready for action.

Both of their ears suddenly pop up to a sound they are very familiar with and they freeze. Their owners key jingle. Dobby’s heart sinks, but his tail begins to wag. He then whines, and urinates a bit from looking at the shoe he just destroyed. The black cat came into his eye sight and his mood changed again.

“You liar!” Dobby chases Jynx into the bedroom while Jynx tries hard not to laugh. Jynx jumps up into another windowsill, away from the crazy canine.

“Dobby!” the owner yells as she walks through the front door, witnessing the chasing. “Leave him alone!” She paused and looked around the apartment, “Oh, there’s my phone.”

As she began to walk back out the door, she saw the shoe that Dobby destroyed and yells at him again. Her angry voice hits him like a thousand knives. Dobby slumps with his tail between his legs to the prison his owner banished him too; the backyard.

A beam of sunlight highlights an area of carpet that Jynx makes himself cozy in, just in perfect view of the backyard. 

“You’ll pay for this, cat!” Dobby barks though the thick glass. “You’ll pay for this, if it’s the last thing– ooh a squirrel!” he takes off running.

“Stupid dog…,” Jynx continues his catnap.



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