I was hoping to have all of my editing done by today (maybe tomorrow) but it looks like I've hit a snag in the program I use. I have been using Google Docs for several years now. I used to just write on Microsoft word, but after saving an umpteen amount of copies, and them … Continue reading Editing

Willow’s Interview

Interview Questions for Willow (before the story begins) Can you tell me your full name please? Wow, jus’ jumpin’ right into it, huh? My names Willow McCarthy. How old are you? I’m probably older than you, darlin’. What race are you? I’m white, and I have some Irish in me. Gender? I am woman. Hear … Continue reading Willow’s Interview


Hello all! I feel like it's been forever since I've done an 'actual post' on here! Almost done with the writing challenge though, so that will free me up to write different things that have to do with writing. I finally received full feedback for Fliers on my second revision. Although it's only been one … Continue reading Revisions