!Signed Copies!

Hey everyone! I have a lot of copies of Sparrows sitting at my house that I need to get rid of. (Pictured below) I am discounting them to $10USD (reg. $13) and I will sign them and throw in a couple of bookmarks! As you can see, I have just three copes of Fliers left and if you want to do both, (I will sign both copies) I can do that for $20 plus the bookmarks. Since I will be paying for shipping, I can only send these out to any location in the United States. BUT, if you are willing to pay for the international shipping, that can certainly be arranged! Please message me on social media or feel free to fill out the contact form here and I’ll get in touch with you that way!

This is a great way to support indie authors as the funds will go directly to me and not a third party like Amazon or B&N. Transactions will go through Paypal exclusively.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Happy Reading

Laura Mae ❤

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