David Viergutz

May 29th, 2020

I asked David where he would like to interview:

The castle walls were still stained with blood after a century. Deep below ground, the fortress dug its roots into the earth. Someplace, below the surface, where light struggled to find its place and a room sat, untouched and unexplored for over a hundred years. A room where an even older relic sat untouched. Despite being so deep, and so buried, it called out into the nothing for it needed to be found. And when it was finally discovered again, death followed.

Laura Mae: What inspired you to enter the world of writing?

David Viergutz: I think my journey into writing begins like most. For a long time, I read books, and imagined writing a great novel and holding that book in my hands. Maybe having a talk at the local library about my works and sharing your wild imagination with the world. All it took was the right spark. One day, I told my wife about my dream a long time ago and she simply asked me, “Why don’t you just write the book? What’s stopping you?” At that time, I was a stay at home dad and I had plenty of time. So I sat down to write 100,000 words in 30 days. And I did. But there was plenty more to being an author I had to learn.

L: How long have you been writing for?

D: I have been writing in what I would call a professional capacity since I was 18. The military taught me to write reports and be detail oriented, then I went on to college, police report writing. I have been published as a fitness writer as well as a newspaper for lifestyle and fitness related articles. I guess you can say my experience is quite varied. 

L: What are you currently working on?

D: My current work(s) in progress is my flagship series The Demonic Compendium and its counterparts. The Demonic Compendium is everything I wanted to see in a fantasy book that I have always wanted to read. Epic battles, witty humor, the anti-hero, and plenty of things-gone wrong. I am also a fan of extended universes. That’s why I did not just set out to write a book, I set out to create a world.

L: What has been the most challenging for you so far?

D: My greatest struggle is the work life balance. I work full-time, reserve as a police officer, run a fitness business and write! It can get crazy at times once you combine my schedule with my families, but I sacrifice where I need to. 

L: What is your favorite writing trope? Least favorite?

D: My most hated trope is a fantasy writing trope. Dragons! Anything with dragons. I am so tired of dragons. This is closely follow by any orcs-elves-dwarf combo. I am tired of Grandpa Tolkien reboots.

L: Besides writing, what is it you like to do?

D: As I stated above, I run a fitness business, work full time, and I’m a cop. I’m a busy guy! I enjoy traveling with my family, working out, spoiling my girls and recently I have begun exploring leatherwork.

L: What would you say is your favorite book or series of all time? Why?

D: My favorite series/book of all times is the Abhorsen Series. It is gritty, dark, yet still a fantastical world suitable for a young adult. I still enjoy reading the series now.

L: Are there any regrets you have or anything you wish you knew sooner?

D: I wish I would have left spaces for my edits! I had to write tiny when I printed the entire 400pg novel. Also, I did not number my pages, which was a headache later on when I received a manuscript evaluation from my editor and he was referencing pages.

L: In a brief statement, have you self-published or traditionally published? What was your experience?

D: I am a self-published author and my experience has not been terrible. I have a TON of free resources and a few paid resources I expect to help me in the future. I was able to streamline the backend setup of the authorship business because of my experience with my personal training business. I found the process enjoyable and I tell you what, the amount of resources, available for free, is crazy.

L: What genre do you typically read?

D: Fantasy and every variation therein! Emphasis on dark fantasy and epic fantasy.

L: What does a typical day of writing look like for you? Any rituals or ‘must-haves’?

D: My writing is sporadic and unplanned. But when I sit down to write, I expect it to be for several hours, so I expect that time to be blocked off. I light a single candle and dim the light and my screen. This reduces the strain on my eyes and is a passive signal to my brain to get into the story!

L: Any songs or type of music you need to listen to when you write? 

D: Since I write epic fantasy, my music often mirrors my writing. Epic scenes require epic music. Not so much on other scenes, but battles and fights for sure. I have Viking heritage, so that type of music helps set the mood.

L: What’s a word or phrase that people say that always irritates you? 

D: Irregardless! Ugh. I hate it. I think its ignorance, but I hate it none the less.

L: Who is your favorite literary character and why?

D: Sherlock Holmes is my favorite character. He is cheeky, a tactician and a strategist. I love how he has a plan for everything and refuses to give attention to irrelevant matters.

L: Where would you say you get most of your inspiration?

D: My inspiration comes from my children. I want them to have something to hold on to, something they can be proud of me for. I hope I can teach them to follow their passions, no matter what they are.

L: For aspiring writers out there, what would be the best advice you want them to know?

D: Write. Write something. Writing is a skill set, and your can fine tune it. Brandon Sanderson, a well-known voice in the field, claims there gets to a point where you just can’t teach someone how to be writer. I wholehearted disagree. If my 2 cents are worth anything, I can say that writer’s work is progressive in that they become better writers over time.

Disabled Army Veteran, Law Enforcement Veteran, husband and super dad by nature. David Viergutz is an upcoming author of several action-packed novels and short stories from the fantasy, dark-fantasy, epic-fantasy, horror genres. Take the plunge into David’s imagination as he delivers action-packed, chill-bringing adventures where the good guy, doesn’t always win. David remembers dragging a backpack full of fantasy books class to class beginning in middle school and leaving his textbooks behind. David takes his inspiration from the greats and fell in love with complex universes from the desks of Garth Nix, Tolkien, Chris Riddell, and Jonathan Stroud to name a few. David has always followed his imagination as it dumped him into countless RPG fantasy adventures with his closest friends. In 2018, David’s wife sat him down and gave him the confidence to tell the epic story he has always dreamt of writing. From then, David’s imagination has no longer been stifled by self-doubt and he continues to write with a smile on his face. This is but one book of many he plans to spew out into the world. David has 5 stories planned over the next year to include the start of a new series.

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The Box and The Bird: Tales of The Demonic Compendium – Samantha was comfortable with her life of habit and routine.

Until her workaholic husband, Richard, came home cradling a mysterious box like a precious treasure. But his curious new behavior didn’t stop there. His once loving demeanor was replaced by an icy indifference to everyone and everything… except for that box.

Worried for her marriage, Samantha followed Richard into the basement, where she caught him whispering with the mysterious artifact. Shocked and terrified, she tried to run, only to be captured by the being that’s assumed her husband’s form.

Now, the fight for her life has begun. Can she escape the creature holding her hostage? Or will she join Richard as a haunted shell of her former self?

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The Demonic Compendium: Book One – The royal family has been slaughtered.

Their deaths awakening an unspeakable evil that swirls around Shaw, the only surviving prince. Indebted to The Demonic Compendium for sparing his life; Shaw must find a way to honor his ties to it while pursuing his vow to avenge his family and claim his throne.

Little does he know, forces of darkness are plotting against him. A demonic army has been raised, with the malicious intent to destroy all that dare to oppose them. With enemies closing in from all sides, Shaw discovers his only hope to survive lies in the hands of an ancient entity with a death wish all its own.

Sound the drums of war and prepare for battle! Can Shaw take his place as the rightful king? Or will the Nation he loves crumble before his eyes?

Fans of high-concept fantasy, filled with gritty action and magical intrigue will love The Demonic Compendium, by David Viergutz!

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