Avalon Roselin

April 5th, 2019


I asked Avalon where she would like to chat:

“Soft jazz played from an unseen speaker in the small bookstore cafe, accented by the gentle tapping of rain on the large windows. Outside the world was gray, raindrops dripping from leaves onto unsuspecting passerby, slipping down the napes of their necks for a chilly surprise. But inside it was warm and colorful, a rainbow of book spines livening up wooden shelves, the smell of coffee and tea giving warmth to the air.

Not for the first time I tugged my vest down, making sure it folded nicely over the hem of my skirt. The gothic, the elegant, the dark and mysterious, do not ‘do’ wrinkles and ruffles–though I’m told they don’t do chai tea lattes with extra whipped cream and sprinkles for fun, either! Still, I hope to make a good impression, whipped cream and all.”

Laura Mae: Hello Avalon! How’s your day been today so far?

Avalon Roselin: Right as rain, Laura. And yours?

L: It’s been pretty good, thank you for asking! Were you able to fit any writing in at all?

A: Not yet, but I have plans to write this evening!

L: Oh nice! What is it you’re currently working on if I may ask?

A: Right now I’m working on the second book in the Stellar Eclipse series, “Dark Lightning.” It’s still early on in the drafting process, but that means there’s lots of room to explore the story and characters before things are set in stone!

L: Very cool! I read a little bit of what the first book is about, but would you mind telling us what the series is about?

A: The series overall follows a found family on their many adventures and trials through a fictional setting, starting with stopping a murder plot. The second book is more “action/adventure” than “thriller,” but I think readers will be excited to see how the characters grow and react when faced with new situations! As for what will happen later in the series–I can’t say just yet! I do have the whole series plotted out, but even knowing the premise of later books might give some things away, so my lips are sealed for now.

L: Haha! It’s all good, I don’t blame you for wanting to keep it secret! So you must be more of a plotter than panster then, yes?

A: I would certainly say so, but my drafts do have a tendency to stray away from my outlines partway through! I plot out the major points, and let the characters do the rest.

L: I get that! It seems very interesting though! How long have you been writing this particular series, Avalon?

A: Oh, goodness. In terms of how long the idea has been in my head and I’ve been planning it, that’s going on 11 years now! But in terms of seriously sitting down to write with the intention of publishing, I’d say production on the first book–Cloudless Rain–started in 2016, and the book was published in late 2018. Work on Dark Lightning started soon after and we’re hoping for a late 2020/early 2021 release. So, depending on how you look at it, either ~11 or ~3 years!

L: Wow, 11 years! Well I’m happy that you were able to finish the first book and still continuing on. It’s quite a feat! What do you think is the most difficult part of the writing process or publishing process since you are a published author?

A: I think it’s the same for both: Knowing when to quit! It’s easy to get obsessive over details and anxious that you’ve missed something, but at some point you have to stop and accept that the manuscript will never be 100% perfect, and an imperfect book in the hands of a reader is far better than a perfect book in your mind where no one can read it. Not that I don’t still get anxious when I realize a typo got through three or more rounds of editing… But it happens, and it’s not worth keeping the book out of the public eye over, in my opinion!

L: Very true! I love that. That being said, do you have any regrets or anything you wish you knew before starting the publishing process?

A: I do wish I’d been a little more strict about editing my first two books. Not that they aren’t good as they are, but I think I could have done better and made things a little tighter. Of course, give it a few years and I’ll say the same thing about Cloudless Rain!

L: Exactly!! But I think the good thing is that we DEFINITELY learn the next time around! Haha! Do you have any writing rituals or habits in order to get those juices flowing before sitting down to write?

A: I love writing to music, so I usually listen to music for at least a short while before writing and have some playing while I work. I’ve made playlists for all my different works, so I can quickly and easily put on music that matches the mood or tone of whatever scene I’m writing next! And, odd though this one might be, I usually use the restroom before I write. One less potential distraction to deal with!

L: Haha! Music is so nice when writing. I agree with that so much. So Avalon, do you have a favorite literary character? And why are they your favorite?

A: I always have a hard time answering this question, because every time I think I’ve got it, I remember another character I love! For the longest time, my go-to answer was Nico diAngelo from the Percy Jackson books. So much of his story appeals to my tastes as a reader, and I was happy to see how he resolved his arc. Just about all of his scenes became instant favorites for me as well.

L: Nice! Do you have a another character in mind then? Haha!

A: Not to put too fine a point on it, but I would also consider Percy Jackson himself, Annabeth Chase of the same series, Griffin from Firewing, half the cast of Animorphs, and too many Warrior Cats characters to name to also be my favorites, haha! And who could ever choose favorites among their own characters?

L: Interesting! I know it’s a tough question, but I’m always curious!

A: It’s a good one.

L: What are you currently reading right now? And what genre do you normally like to read?

A: I generally tend to lean more toward Children’s action/adventure fantasy, particularly stories featuring animal heroes. I am trying to give more YA books a chance, however, and am currently reading Matched by Ally Condie. In the foreseeable future I intend to branch into adult fiction as well, including finally getting around to some long-awaited Stephen King titles!

L: Branching out is good! There are some surprisingly good childrens fiction out there. Is there a particular trope you’ve seen lately in books that you just can’t stand?

A: I admit that a lot of my distaste for YA comes from Love Triangles being absolutely everywhere. Even well-done Love Triangles can often get on my nerves these days! I understand why the trope is so prevalent, but I’m also rather sick of seeing it.

L: Agreed! They seem to be everywhere! So besides writing and all that, what else do you enjoy doing?

A: I love caring for my animals, taking walks–especially by the river–and watching horror movies. This year seems to be an excellent one for them! 

L: That sounds awesome! What types of animals do you have?

A: I have a tortie cat named Winnie, who is a two year old in every sense, and a Winter White hamster named Nina who is quite possibly the friendliest animal I’ve ever had the joy to know. My roommate also has an older cat that I call Granny.

L: Cute! A winter white hamster, huh? Never heard of that but she seems adorable by the name alone! Haha! And it seems most writers have cats and I think that’s awesome.

A: You would think they’re useful for the craft given how many writers have them, but mostly Winnie gets in my way! If I don’t pay her enough attention while I’m writing, she’ll sit right on my hands until I move her. 

L: Yep! It’s built in their DNA’s! I’ve also noticed you do a hashtag called #BookLook. Would you mind telling us a little of what that is?

A: Certainly! For a long time, I’ve struggled with low self-esteem, particularly in regards to how I look. I wanted to start taking–and posting!–more selfies as a way to help myself overcome that issue. But I wasn’t quite comfortable just posting selfies, so I decided to combine the idea with my love for books and come up with makeup looks inspired by books. This way I can enjoy the artistry of makeup, celebrate books, and slowly build up my self-esteem one #BookLook at a time!

L: That’s really cool! I struggle with the same things, but i like the different approach you have with it! Good on you!

A: It really has helped, and it’s pushed me to try different things with makeup I might never have considered before!

L: Awesome!! It’s been such a pleasure talking with you today, Avalon! Would you mind leaving us with your most wisdomy writing advice you’ve learned thus far?

A: My best nugget of wisdom, hmm… “Write for yourself first, and your audience will follow!”

L: Love it!! Thanks so much!

A: Thank you very much, Laura! It’s been wonderful!


Booklook SabrielAvalon Roselin is the founder and resident author of Roselin Productions, which has grown to include three other members that help to create the books and other associated projects. Roselin Productions has currently published three very different books, as one of Avalon’s goals is to write in as many genres as possible. When not writing, Avalon can be found reading, listening to music, burying her face in her cat’s fluff, and watching horror movies.

You can find Avalon everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and her website/bookstore.



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The car accident made it impossible.

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