ARC Readers

Hello everyone! I hope you still remember me, you know, the person who USED to post all the time and do interviews and stuff. Remember that? Yeah, me too… *sigh*

Anyway, this is more of an announcement about my upcoming book Sparrows! I will soon be releasing this bad boy in the summer and I’ll be announcing it in April. In the meantime though, I am looking for ARC Readers. What’s an ARC reader you may ask?


What in the devil is it? An ARC reader is someone who reads a copy of your book in advance of the release date. It literally means Advanced Readers Copy. The are normally given out to readers who really want to read it AND review it. (Yes, both.) It’s been shown that books – normally on Amazon – that have reviews before it even releases have a better chance of getting pre-ordered and purchased once it’s out.

How do I get a copy? If you have read Fliers and enjoyed it and want to read the sequel, just ask me! There is that one little thing though. Yes, I will give you a free copy, in exchange for an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, or where ever! It works out for both of us! (If it’s a physical copy, it will be signed.)

How long do I have to read it? Since I’ll be giving them out next month, I’ll give about a 3 month period to read and review it. If it’s something you truly want to help me with and know you can read and review it within that time, please contact me!

What if I haven’t read the first book? Then you better get on it! Just kidding. If you are really excited about the series and really want to help, I can send you an ebook of the first book – with a promise you’ll also review it, too. – I want to help you out as much as I can, but you gotta help me out too! And once you have read and reviewed the first, I’ll send the second one as well!


If you have any other questions, I’m always free to answer. You can contact me on here, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All links are on my homepage. I hope to hear from you soon!!


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