Tucson Festival of Books

Hello everybody! I should probably do one of those newsletter thingies that most authors do, but, I just feel not enough interesting things happen to me every month. Also, I’m not very productive, so there’s that.

But one thing I am SUPER excited to tell you — if you follow me on social media, you’ve probably already heard me talk about it — is that I have a booth at the Tucson Festival of Books! *waits for cheering* That’s right! This is my very first time I’ll be putting myself out there in the public eye as a real author. Self-publishing is a process that happens so much behind closed doors that when you finally get to show everyone that you are an author, it’s an unreal feeling. I’m not with some big-shot publisher or famous (obviously), so doing this, even if it’s in an Indie Pavilion for just 2 hours, is a big deal.

I will be sitting behind a GORGEOUS booth — decorated by the best book ever — from 2:30 – 4:30pm on Sunday, March 3rd. If you don’t know of the festival, um, shame. It’s a really big event that the University of Arizona puts on every year. They’ve had authors such as R.L. Stine be there and actors such as Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office) show up before. So… yeah. I’ll admit, I have not been to it before as I’ve only lived in Tucson for a few years and suck at doing things and going to events, but I have always wanted to go. I have the links listed below if you’re interested in going.

The best part is that the Festival is run mainly by volunteers, people who just love reading and books. Tucson in general is a great community and loaded with local business’ and vendors. I’m a bit biased because I live here, but it’s really a wonderful town if you have the time to stop by and check it out. ❤

I hope to see you there!!!

Just as proof, look for my name here. 😉

Tucson’s Festival of Books


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