Melissa Sell

October 26th, 2018


I asked Melissa where she wanted to talk:

Today I am excited, I get some one on one time with the lovely Miss Laura Mae! For this occasion, I decided we should meet at Magick Morsels. It’s a restaurant that my character Kharis owns in my trilogy, The Chronicles of Fey. It’s under construction again after some recent battles their kids have been involved in, but I’m pretty sure we will have a secure place to visit. It’s still too early for lunch so there wouldn’t be any customers for a few hours, giving Laura and I plenty of privacy to chat freely.

I notice the front entrance, with its glass double doors, now had a small lobby with magazine racks off to the left and right of it. Just ahead are another set of identical doors, only I notice in the corners there are tiny symbols etched in their glass. Before I enter I tiptoe in order to see them a little more closely. I grin when I notice they are spell markings, obviously from the sisters’ witch confidant, Laci. Looks like they finally have some precautions in play. When I enter I immediately notice the fresh smell of coffee and scones, there is also a hint of Frankincense in the air.

With my black and gray Doctor Who varsity jacket, accompanied with my Maleficent leggings and oversized Hocus Pocus shirt, I am instantly recognized.  There is no doubt by the look on my face, and the fact that I am awake, that I need coffee. Jesse, the vampiric waiter, appears at my side instantly and leads me to a front booth nestled in the corner.

He is all smiles, and his fangs are hidden when he says, “Ms. Melissa, I am so happy you are joining us! What brings you our way?” You would never know Jesse was a vampire, he just looked like an average sweet farm boy. His eyes were still blue from his previous life as a human, a rarity with his kind. His dirty blonde hair always looked like he had just rolled out of bed and had never found a comb it liked. He had been very helpful to the sisters, Kesta and Kharis and especially to Kesta’s daughter, Elora. This farm boy was feared by many demons and recognized in many realms as one not to cross.

We hug quickly and I kissed his cheek just before I slid into the booth. “I’m meeting someone who is top priority. Will need an enchantment or is there enough frankincense sprinkled about?” I told him as my eyes looked slightly passed him at the bar and at Sallie, the pixie bartender.  She most likely felt my eyes on her since she turned my way and waved. Her short pixie cut hairdo made her four-foot height look even more childlike. She was a sweetheart, too, but as she had already proven, sweet melts away in battle mode. Her pixie wings were made for sword play and she could slice and dice a Thanksgiving turkey in thirty seconds with them if needed.

“If you think that smell is strong, for the love of the sisters, don’t go in the manager’s office. We burned some white sage in there a week ago and it still smells like burning death. I think I may end up buying a nose plug.” he laughed.

“Want me to write in a gas mask?”

“Might be a good idea! Have some written in that are in the cleaning closet.” he gave me a wink. “Will you need the shots today?”

I thought for a moment. The “shots” were for those who already knew of the outerworld but couldn’t see it. Small vials of potions with intertwined magic from witches, faeries, and pixies. Since this and its adjoining worlds were my creation, I could see it whenever I wanted to, but the shot did give a certain level of protection to us. With Laura being the author of Fliers, I knew she would at least be able to see the same that I did.

I nodded, “Yes, two please.” Jesse nodded and turned away. “Oh Jesse!” I called and he turned with a knowing smile.

“Coffee and a variety plate of breakfast pastries, I’m already on it.” he winked again before his speed had him disappear from the room.  There was a window behind me, and when I turned I noticed Laura walking toward the restaurant, a messenger bag strapped over shoulder. She saw me, too, and waved with a smile. I stood, but as I did so the entire ground boomed. I saw Laura topple to the ground as I fell back in the booth. Jesse was suddenly at my table and helping me up before I even saw him coming.

“I thought we were under a protection spell?” I asked a little out of breath. I looked out the window to see Laura standing up with the help of Elora, Kesta’s daughter, who was also the new Guardian of Fey. The boom bounced us again, but I had already braced myself between the wall and the seat.

“We are protected in here.” Jesse told me as he stared out the window. “Not so much out there though.”

Elora had turned around to look behind her just before grabbing Laura’s hand and dragging her to the restaurant doors. Jesse met her at them and scooped up Laura to bring her to our table. Laura looked over at me with confusion and I shrugged. Sallie appeared with a plate of pastries, coffee and our shots. She giggled nervously before shrinking herself into her normal height of six inches. She flew past Jesse and out the door he held open for her. Laura and I both scrambled to watch out the window but all we could see were Elora standing in the parking lot and Sallie hovering next to her.

Elora had her utility belt on and had already pulled out a potion in one hand while her other hand had conjured a white orb of fey light.

“Sorry ladies,” Jesse interrupted and we both turned away from the window to look at him. “Best you stay inside and have your meeting. You’re safe in here as nothing can get in but I need to go out and help them. Promise you will stay inside?” We nodded.

“What is going on?” Laura asked him with a nervous laugh, even though her eyes twinkled with the excitement.

“It seems some new demons from the Fearsome Five army has decided to attack. It must be since you arrived, causing a little rift in the time loops. No biggie. Eat and drink, we will be right back.” Jesse rushed outside and Laura and I watched as a one-sided invisible battle ensued.

“I really wish we could watch this!” Laura laughed as Jesse’s features sunk in and his eyes darkened, his fangs extended with a growl. Sallie flew backwards, her wings splitting into long swords as they stabbed into an invisible enemy.

I looked back at the table, smiled and grabbed one of the shot glasses that were filled with a dark liquid, “Do you like grape flavor?”

Laura Mae: Helloooo Melissa! How are you doing on this fine fall day?

Melissa Sells: Fantastic! So glad Fall has arrived here. I was done with heat and humidity.

L: Tell me about it! The humidity especially! Where exactly are you from again?

M: Kentucky. Louisville to be exact, home city of the Kentucky Derby. 😉

L: Nice! Yeah, humidity fer suure haha!

M: It gets bad enough here to drink the air sometimes.

L: Haha! I bet! Do you have anything planned for this fall? Any projects you’re working on at all? Did not mean for that to rhyme…

M: Lol, rhyming can have good timing. Oh yeah, so many my head spins, both writing and kid related. Two books under editing, with a new series beginning and my oldest two are in dance. They have a big performance right before Christmas that they are preparing for.

L: Oh wow! Yeah, that’s enough to make my head spin too. That’s so cute about the performance. Creative family all around?

M: I would say so. My oldest wants to be a bakery chef when she grows up, she loves to bake. She told me the other day that by the time she is ten-years old she wants to be read for Kids Baking Championship. lol. My middle child is a performer. The twins are creatively crazy.

L: That’s so awesome! Very aspiring family! I love it! So what are the books you are working on right now? Would you care to tell me a little bit about them?

M: Sure. Under the edits are; Writers’ Edge is a previously published book, it’s getting a new cover and a “manuscript makeover”, lol. It’s a suspense/thriller about a female novelist who learns of the disappearance of a fellow writer. She uncovers a sinister plot that led her to a secluded island of a seductive madman. There is a book that follows it called Sins of Egypt, it is a murder/mystery with a few of the characters from the first one. I am working on a superhero series and I give excerpts of it on my blog. It’s not your average superheroes.

L: That’s great! I love how different they all are! Diversity is so important when writing!

M: I love to read all different genres, so I feel it’s only fair to dabble in them all, too. lol I write for me mostly. It’s therapeutic.

L: Good! You should! Don’t write for other people. The magic will go away once you do, I think. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about the superhero one! What was your inspiration behind that one?

M: Lol. My husband and brother-in-law. I wanted something different, I felt superheroes were getting pretty hot with the world so I asked them what they would like to see that is different and had yet to be done. We brainstormed and BAM! BOOM! Intergalactic Entropies were born. It will actually be a 9 book series with a 10th Mega book to cap it off.

L: Seriously?! Wow! That’s so cool! Why so many?

M: Thank you! It’s three separate stories that tie into each other, from 9 different perspectives; The Civilian Chapters, The Villain Volumes and The Super Successions. It’s been rather challenging but I have some readers for it in my book club. They all seem to enjoy what I have leaked so far.

L:  love it! You definitely need to keep me in the loop with that one! So do have any writing quirks? Any rituals before you sit down at your computer? …or notebook?

M: All kids must be asleep or deeply entertained by something. Snacks are a must. I love peanuts and string cheese. Dr Pepper. If I want non-caffeine I have hot chocolate and trick my brain into thinking it’s a mocha latte. lol I usually carry a notebook everywhere and mainly use it for jotting ideas down or for outlining. I always do all my outlines with a purple pen and paper.

L: Interesting! Is it your good luck pen?

M: Inspirational pen or divinity ink maybe. I get better vibes and ideas with purple than any other color. I prefer writing in the dark, at night, so it is a better color to read under a dull lamp than your basic ones.

L: Awesome! I love purple too. If you couldn’t guess… lol

M: Lol, it is an amazing color! 🙂

L: So what would you say is your favorite thing to write about? As far as characters, dialogue, descriptions, stuff like that.

M: I think world creation is my first love. Realizing the perfect place, setting and feel before allowing people to come and play in it, that’s my favorite. I love creating characters as well, the darker and more sinister the better but the world comes first. Gotta have a place to put them after you make them, lol.

L: Awesome! Agreed, they have react to the environment around them and it’s better when they are somewhere haha!

M: Lol! Have you noticed that characters have a way of writing themselves most of the time? They never listen to reason either.

L: That’s so true! Are there any specific books or authors that got you wanting to write in the first place?

M: Reading in general was the main drive for wanting to write. We were assigned a writing project in the fourth grade and it was that process that made me realize I could do it, too. I could do something that I loved to do. Whether I ever became famous or even made money never occurred to me, still doesn’t, it was just the fact I could write something that others enjoyed reading. Christopher Pike has always been my favorite author. There was always a richness to his words and every book left you feeling satisfied. No matter which one you read, what you were looking for could be found in the pages. I also love Agatha Christie and Jane Austen.

L: I love that answer! Do you find yourself having a particular writing style similar to any of those authors you mentioned? Or do you kinda mix them all together?

M: It’s possible there is. I’d like to think whatever style I have was inspired by them. There may be a reflection here or there of someone, but my brain has never made a connection, someone else who is familiar with them may see it. They all wrote in different perspectives and only recently my works and shorts have been in first person. Which is new to me, although, I may be more partial to it now as I always wrote in the third person point of view. It feels a little more freeing to use first person, lol. If that makes sense.

L: It does! They both feel very different. I have written in both but I tend to lean more towards 3rd person. I don’t know why lol

M: I was that way, but I think it really depends on what your story is. For my newer works third person wouldn’t sound right, er, read right. lol!

L: That’s true lol It does depend. Who is your favorite literary character, Melissa?

M: Sherlock Holmes. His complexity. He had many layers to his personality, if you read the original stories. His personality was created by an intelligence he was too young to understand and an inevitable substance problem that quieted his constantly working mind. He was deadly in his brilliance and abilities to see what others overlooked and disregarded as unimportant. It’s never stopped me from loving a story though.

L: Interesting! Yeah, I can see that being pretty popular. It’s still entertaining though 🙂 Alright Melissa, last question! Please help out inspiring writers with some trial and errors you’ve learned from.

M: You don’t have to write what you know, but you do have to do a lot of research. Don’t be afraid of letting people critique you, it really is how you learn and it isn’t personal. No matter how well you write, how much you think you know, you will always learn something new and can learn from others. If you are writing for fame and fortune, you are in the wrong business. lol There isn’t a wrong way to write, but there is a wrong way to edit. INVEST IN COMFORTABLE CHAIR- can’t say that enough.

L: Lol! Lovely! Great advice!! Thank you so much for talking with me today, Melissa!

M: Thank you so much! I truly enjoyed it and so glad that we did! Y’all come back now, ya hear!

MelissaMelissa is an obsessed Whovian and has tried to turn many in her household but only successfully done so with two of her four children. Being a mother of four, wife to one and taking care of her ailing mother, leaves little time for her therapeutic passion. She is the author of five published works; The Chronicles of Fey, trilogy, Writers’ Edge and the children’s short book; The Escapades of Nae. Her sixth book, Sins of Egypt will be released early 2019 then followed by her superhero series, Intergalactic Entropies. All published works are pre-order at this time as they are undergoing new book covers. New links are updated on my website. When Melissa isn’t writing, reading or taking care of her family she can be found sleeping or guzzling down her favorite coffee beverages. ~Happy Reading, even if you aren’t reading me.

You can find Melissa on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website.


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