Fae Corvan

July 13th, 2018


“A place of good times and hopelessness in a singular location. Often times I find myself on both sides upon entering this joint, but today there seems to be more… purpose I suppose. The door swung outward toward me as I was greeted by the doorman and the heady scent of cigars and booze, far too many kinds to really identify. I wove past tables of patrons on my way to the bar stools, each giving me a glance or sneer as we strode past. The bar itself was relatively empty this time of day, leaving many of the stools vacant for a change. I took my seat and waited for the tender to finish shaking up a cocktail before ordering a few of my own. He handed the martini to a waiting waitress that scurried off with it in a hurry to a table near the piano. The bartender adjusted his tie before sauntering over to me. He leaned forward against the bars glossy surface as I gave him my order.

For a time all that could be heard was the obnoxious sound of the cocktail shaker and boisterous laughter from the tables behind me until my beverage was finally served. The bartender stood with crossed arms and scrutinized me while waiting for my payment, raking back tendrils of dark hair away from his chestnut eyes impatiently. I slid him the bills and coins, he scooped them up and placed them in the register before making his return to the looming wall of bottles. With him gone I could finally relax a bit, so I position myself in my seat and adjust my dark tee before beginning my interview.”

(We’re going to do Miss Fae’s interview a little differently than in the past. Let me know how you guys like it!)

Laura Mae: Fae! Where are you from?

Fae Corvan: I was born in Tucson Arizona, I have been many places but am glad to be back in my hometown.

L: What a coincidence! Me too! Where was your favorite place to live beside Tucson?

F: Well I love the woods in Washington state, I lived in a town called Yakima. Hated the town personally, but I do so miss the forests in that state.

L: I’ve always wanted to go to Washington. Mainly because of forests out there. Very jealous! So, Fae, how long have you been writing?

F: Well I have been working on this piece for most of two years but in total, including some comic work, I’d say well into two decades. Though I was never really serious about any of it until recently.

L: Oh wow! Comic work huh? How was that?

F: It was always really fun, but I didn’t want it to be more than a hobby. Making work of something you love kinda destroys your love for it, at least in my experience.

L: I totally agree! So, what is the piece you’ve been working on?

F: Well it is in the genres of modern fantasy and supernatural mystery for now. It follows a young woman Lily, who’s family is somewhat cursed for past deeds, deeds she unknowingly follows. She strives for independence and a life away from the shadows of her families empire but her plans were dashed with a shocking video on the deep web. She soon has to choose between saving her family and joining their ranks or living the rest of her life on the run.

L: That sounds really cool! Where do you think your inspiration for this came from?

F: Well mostly my love for grim reapers and serial killers, so I thought why not throw the two together and see how it goes.

L: Interesting! Do you think you can show me a GIF of how that’s going right now?

F: 27868261_10154972953107136_4267975256200708096_n.gif That sounds right.

L: HAHA! I love it. What is your favorite part of writing?

F: By far it has to be the evolution of the characters. I mean most of them are in their teens or younger so I guess it’s more like I love watching them grow as the adventure continues.

L: Aww that’s super sweet.. I agree with that too. You treat them like your own children! Haha!

F: Definitely. I have had them around long enough that is for sure.

L: Adorable. Now that you are taking your writing more seriously, are there any rituals or ‘must-haves’ when you sit down to write?

F: Yes actually. I have to have music that fits the scene. At times I need to be in my room at my desk so I stop peeking at the t.v. and the big one is I really need cold mountain dew.

L: Nice! I always hear “coffee” or “wine” or “vodka”, but never Mountain Dew. I love it! It’s so good!

F: Probably an old gamer habit that carried over.

L: I hear that! What type of music do you prefer?

F: Goodness that is a hard one, but overall it has to be metal or visual kei.

L: Very awesome! So, besides writing, what other things do you like to do?

F: My passion will always be art. I love to doodle and each of the characters I create have a story of their own, I think that is my true inspiration for writing really.

L: Totally makes sense! I would love to see your drawings sometime! Do you have a favorite book or book series? Why are they your favorite?

F: My favorite series is probably the sword of truth series by Terry Goodkind. They were my very first chapter books I ever read and they are very nostalgic for me. He definitely isn’t all that as a writer and isn’t well loved, but I will always love his work for my fond memories if nothing else.

L: Awesome! And who would you say your literary character is?

F: Not too sure on that. I think maybe Roderick from diary of a wimpy kid.

L: Why Roderick?

F: Because I was the oldest and assume that is how my siblings see me.

L: Haha very cute! Whenever you have a writing block, what do you do to unblock it?

F: Definitely music. And occasionally I will work on some poetry or a bit on my not so short story.

L: Cool! You do a little bit of everything! And I totally get the ‘Not so short” story. Haha! So, final question, Fae. What do you want to say to aspiring writers out there?

F: As simple as it sounds, just to not be afraid to try. It’s scary sometimes, but it is even scarier to have lived your whole life and never tried. You have one life, do with it what makes you happy, and if that is writing, go for it.

L: Love it!! Thank you very much, Fae!

F: Oh no thank you for having me. It was fun. 😊💖


Fae Corvan is a Tucson native and aspiring novelist with a splash of artistic blood. A lifelong storyteller with a bit of a gypsy spirit that can always be found at the library or in the shade someplace. She writes heartwarming tales of death, destruction, bloodshed, heaven, hell and the impending Armageddon. When her face isn’t glued to a screen she enjoys nature walks, comics and the occasional video game.

You can find Fae on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you can contact her at fae.corvan@gmail.com


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