K. E. Radke

June 22nd, 2018



Laura Mae: What would you say is your favorite book or series of all time? Why?

K.E. Radke: Series? Not just a book. If I tell you, you can’t judge me. Because I’m sure a lot of you are waiting for some classic book but to be honest I love drama. I love the love triangles and mean vs nice and crazy, evil characters everyone loves to hate. So, if I had to pick one series, definitely Stephanie Plum’s Adventures by Janet Evanovich. I also loved Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris. (Trueblood for all you non readers) Hunger Games. Yes, I’m aware I’m an adult, but what can I say; I loved it. (I secretly love ‘Love Triangles’ too. Well, I guess it’s no longer a secret…)

L: Are there any books or authors who inspire your work?

K: Oh yeah, of course. every writer has strengths and weaknesses. Whether its description or dialogue, you can always learn from every book you read. And I know what you’re thinking, what about the terrible books? I make it a goal not to write like them, also, most of the time, it gives me something to rant about, or if I’m really lucky, laugh about. (Sometimes the worst reviews are the most entertaining. You just gotta learn or laugh it off.)

L: What are you currently working on?

K: Zombies. Those dead people, I just can’t get enough of them. The way they pop up and try to eat you. Snuggle with body parts no one else wants. Slurping through your blood like vampires and fingering holes they made with their teeth. Did I gross you out? That just means I’m in the right genre. (Yes.)

L: What inspired you to enter the world of writing?

K: These stories in my head won’t go away. They nag at me until I write them down and then—have the audacity not to finish themselves! So, where does that leave me? In the middle of the night, typing up what my imagination began. And don’t get me started on the muse. Flitting in and out of my life whenever she wants. I have to bribe her into sticking around. (The nerve!)

L: How long have you been writing for?

K: Too long. Maybe not long enough. I heard a rumor your first million words are shit. If that’s the case, I think I still have 500,000 more words until I’m considered a good writer. Or does it start from when I wrote my first words? Well, well, well, I’m ahead by a million words! So I leave you with this… glass half empty? Or half full? (Well, I’m way behind too, then! Better get going!)

L: What has been the most challenging for you so far?

K: I’m pretty terrible with description, I love my dialogue. I know my weakness and I am working on it. That’s the great thing about reviews if you’re a masochist like me that reads all of them, the bad ones can give you good advice. They’ll also make you cry…and drink yourself into a stupor. (Wine is my best friend.)

L: What does a typical day of writing look like for you? Any rituals or ‘must-haves’?

K: I just make sure I write every day. Whether it be a sentence or a paragraph. (Good rule of thumb.)

L: What’s a word or phrase that people say that always irritates you?

K: I don’t think I have a specific word or phrase that irritates me, but I do read this phrase a lot in books. “She let out the breath, she didn’t know she was holding.” Its constantly used. (Yeah, it’s a tad over used.)

L: Are there any regrets you have or anything you wish you knew sooner?

K: I seriously wish I would have found the writing groups on Facebook and Bookstagram on Instagram sooner. They have been instrumental in my writing career and I’m loving every second of it. (Agreed! Tons of writing communities out there. Just gotta find ’em.)

L: In a brief statement, have you self-published or traditionally published? What was your experience?

K: I’m an indie writer which means I self published. And it’s difficult, extremely difficult, because you have to learn to do it all on your own. You don’t become an instant success by hitting that publish button. There’s marketing, and social media, and blogs, and author pages to keep up with. (Amen, sister.)

L: Any songs or type of music you need to listen to when you write?

K: I write in complete silence. I know, I’m weird. I hear a lot writers need music or background noise. I’m too easily distracted, so I have to be left alone, all by myself, with only food for company. (Makes sense. No judgement here!)

L: What is your favorite literary character and why?

K: Favorite literary character? I don’t think I have one. At least no one comes to mind right off the bat. I fall in love with the entire book, not a character. Everything has to make sense, a well described character just won’t do it for me. (I can see that.)

L: Where would you say you get most of your inspiration?

K: Other writers. I know that sounds cliché, but let’s breakdown the process. If I say from a certain movie, well, someone behind those actors you see on the screen and the director, had to write that script. TV shows, it’s the same thing. Writers are behind almost everything in the entertainment industry. We are the backbone of entertainment. You’re welcome. (My thoughts, exactly! We are everywhere. You can’t escape!)

L: Besides writing, what is it you like to do?

K: Is it too obvious if I say reading? I feel like that’s a given since I’m an author. I do love to travel. I’m one of those people who needs a vacation from their vacation because I’m always on the move. Sitting on the beach drinking a pretty drink doesn’t cut it for me, unless baby turtles are about to hatch. (Who can say no to baby turtles?!)

L: Describe how your WIP is going with a meme or GIF.



Settled in Southern Nevada, Kendra spends her time trying to convince her two Yorkies to stop staring at her while she eats. She is a proud spouse of a Veteran and mother of two boys. When she’s not writing about the next adventure for her readers, she’s traveling on her own.

You can find Kendra on her new YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter, FacebookPintrest, and her website.

She also has a newsletter dedicated for zombie lovers. And another for mystery/fantasy lovers.

Click here to see all the books Kendra has written!


Entangled Collateral – It was supposed to be a simple photography gig. Brooke Hudson never wanted to be a pawn in an investigator’s scheme, or working with the ex-boyfriend that broke her heart.  Her daily life battles used to consist of finishing college, job hunting, and avoiding traffic. But her mundane routine was disrupted by the promise of a large amount of cash to help find a missing person, and take down a crooked CEO.
If Brooke had known exactly what she was getting into from the start, she might have had second thoughts. Her idea of fun isn’t trying to captivate men she has no interest in, or appealing to their every whim. And she never thought someone would deliberately try to kill her. All she wanted was a job, and in a fit of desperation, she’s gambling in a high stakes game with her life.



Nirvana – Danger only entices his body to shapeshift. He fearlessly walks on the thin line between life and death, challenging his abilities to keep him alive as he stalks his own demise. Each day haunts him with memories of a past he can’t escape. Each breath holds a future where he is the only survivor. Violent weather epidemics wreck havoc in his vicinity every time hate, agony, and rage slips through the cracks of his soul. The unexplainable connection is perilous for the innocent lives surrounding him as death pursues them. He scours the world to find someone strong enough to finally put him six feet under. Will he finally take his spot in the ground? Or will he take another’s life and watch as death escapes again.



Guns, Rations, Rigs and the Undead – Lincoln realizes it’s every man for himself when the big cities are swarming with the military and the law disappears in the tiny town of Dessarillo, Texas, causing chaos to erupt. People Lincoln’s known for years were attacking their friends and family with their minds set on eating them limb by limb. He’d been prepared for this exact moment, waiting for disaster to strike so he could take a front row seat to society’s self destruction.

As an outcast, he learned to rely on no one. Until he unexpectedly finds his life in the hands of his neighbor, Wyatt, the man proving to be trustworthy. Together they try to carve out a safe place while people are turning into flesh-eating monsters, decaying from the inside out, and destroying humanity one bite at a time.

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