People You Need in Your Book

As you may already know, I am huge into characters. I believe they are the beating heart to any story, ever. If a story’s plot is lackluster, but the characters are amazing, I’ll probably still enjoy the book overall. This list may not apply to every single story-line, but to have a full rounded story (especially in fantasy fiction), you need a good cast of characters. And all of them need to serve a purpose. I will provide pictures I pulled off the internet as what I picture the characters in my book Fliers to look like, and then explain their characters.

  • IMG_20180404_091523_637Sydona: Main Character (MC)/Protagonist – I know this type of character is extremely obvious to everyone on the planet, but I’m still gonna mention it. Sydona is the MC in my book and is well-rounded with everything checked-off. She has a main goal in the plot, she’s relatable and has a lot of personality. A lot of her struggles have to do with trust, which can also be the villain in some cases. The main antagonist is introduced early on in the story, making it easy to determine what she’s after. It may sound silly, but the MC is not complete until there is a villain introduced, even if it’s not an actual person. The MC needs to have most or all of the following character types to be her own person. But before I say too much, lets dive right in to the next type.
  • e2f02844-2065-11e8-81db-e6399ce35310.jpgDr. John Malik: The Villian/Antagonist – I like to think of the antagonist as the ying to the MC’s yang. Hence, the reason for their names. Pro and Anti. Dr. Malik is talked about as the reason for the problems going on in the story, but is not introduced until more than half-way through. He also has goals, and its to make humans fly. He has reasons for his actions and justifies them later on. I’m not spoiling anything, but what he does, he truly believes he is doing right; or at least in his mind he does. There is a reason why HE is the villain, and no one else. He ‘compliments’ Sydona.
  • IMG_20180403_105129_758Raoul: The “Fool”/Subconscious – This is a term I just learned and fool does not mean they are foolish. Raoul is Sydona’s fairy that she travels everywhere with. He usually sits on her shoulder and talks to her about things. Raoul is a jokester, always breaks serious moments and tickles people when they deserve it. Even though he kids around a lot, he is the voice of reason to the MC, even when she doesn’t want to hear it. Some may classify him as the ‘sidekick’, and you could be right, but I have someone else in mind for that. Raoul needs to be the fool because he’s been with her since birth and knows her better than anyone else. Therefore, he knows what’s best and when to stop being so stubborn.
  • IMG_20180402_213818_929Giovonna: The Sidekick – Giovonna joined the adventure right at the beginning and looks up to Sydona (MC) for guidance. She may be a teenager, but she has her own unique personality that is beneficial to the story and the MC admits is needed. She offers her opinions and is there when the MC needs her. Whether it be for battle or emotional support. The sidekick is usually pretty dedicated to the same goal as the protagonist and will be there when things go badly. In return, the sidekick ends up being the best-friend or companion, and the MC will trust them with their lives.
  • IMG_20180406_100039_561Willow: The Mentor/Willow the Widowed –  I’m pretty proud to say that Willow is the ‘wise old woman’ of the story. The mentor is different from the subconscious reminder, whispering in your ear. They appear later on in the book and it’s typically a stranger (making them all the more wise). Granted, this isn’t always the case. You may have a grandparent that the MC has known all their life, but only says a few words. And those words stay with them forever. If you’ve noticed a trend here, most wise characters will be older. They will also be the one to introduce new information that no one knew before, ultimately, moving the plot along or in a different direction. Willow does exactly all of this. I will also mention that Maverick, who appears near the end, is this type of character as well. He sheds light on whats going on and offers his advice, even if no one asked.
  • IMG_20180405_093726_406Silas: Love Interest – This of course doesn’t apply to every story out there, but having a love interest can help to round it out. Since my story is part of a trilogy, Silas appears about halfway through, but does not immediately make it obvious he will be the love interest. Again, they need to compliment the MC, making them have traits that the MC finds attractive. In this case, he helps to save her and the group. His actions are honorable, even though he was a total stranger. Sydona also didn’t find him attractive at first sight, but eventually doesn’t let that bother her and focuses on his personality. He is charming, funny and respectful. He’s someone Sydona didn’t even know she needed in her life, but is learning that he will be more than just someone in the group.

There are more types of characters out there, I’m sure, but I find these are the main ones that almost every story needs. Also, if you are interested in knowing more about these character’s I’ve mentioned, I’ve done interviews for all of them (’cause I’m obsessed with all of them.) Also, you can still find my book Fliers for sale on Amazon on e-book and paperback. As I mentioned, it is part of a trilogy and I am currently writing the second installment called Sparrows. It’s to be amaaaazing. But I may be a tad biased on that. 🙂 ##

Sydona’s Interview | Raoul’s Interview | Giovonna’s Interview | Willow’s Interview | Silas’ Interview | Dr. Malik – Not an interview, but his introduction.

Happy Reading & Writing!


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