Quill & Tome

I have some very exciting news! You may have heard me mention Quill and Tome in past videos and possibly elsewhere that I forgotten, but they are a website all about writing and reading. They explain it best as to what they do:

As aspiring authors and book-lovers, we’d like to share our writing journey with fellow travelers on this road, along with writing tips and hacks we pick up along the way, and our online bookstore. We’ll do our best to stock the used books you want most, as well as rare, hard-to-find, and simply awesome titles from our favorite writers. You can also find several resources on our site to help you become a better writer.

They have been so kind and actually wrote an awesome review of my book! You can check it out right here! Just be cautious, they do have a spoiler in it. So if you don’t want the ending ruined, skip past the *Spoiler Warning*.

But even more awesome, they are also doing a book bag, featuring my book! The Book Bag is a seasonal gift box curated specifically for authors and book-lovers. It will include a featured author’s self-published book (in this case, Fliers), a Quill and Tome original product, (like their best-selling Writer’s Planner), writing prompts and worksheets, custom prints, and 2 to 3 writing and reading related gifts. This will be coming out Summer of this year. Make sure to subscribe to them so you can be alerted as soon as it out!

More specific services they offer are:

  • Writing tips and hacks
  • Writers for hire
  • Online Bookstore with Previously-Loved book
  • Coming Soon – Journals, Notebooks, Planners and Calendars

They do seem to be new, but don’t let that deter you. Everyone has to start somewhere! They are also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and post the best content! If you are a writer of any expertise or an avid book lover, you would be silly not to check this place out. ##



Designed by Nolan Schleicher


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