The Alphabet Poem

Alphabet Poem

Write a 26-line poem using all the letters of the alphabet. Have the first line start with the letter “A,” the second “B,” the third “C,” etc.

A lone leaf blows in the wind. Blowing to wherever life takes him. Cats and their offspring try to catch him, but he’s too quick to be pinned. Darting from their grasp, he slips away like a wet fin.

Envious is the branch, unable to fly free. Feeling confined and useless, he sheds another leaf. Gallons of water pour from the clouds, filling him with glee. Healing the envy and feeling relief.

In only a few acorns below, stands a yellow flower. Just singing a song and basking in the downpour. Kindness radiates from her petals of power. Love and compassion is what she lives for.

Mighty is the tree that stands tall and wide. Nurturing and terrifying are the roles he plays. Oblivious to his needs, he can take you down without blinking an eye. Play the cards right and a shelter he stays.

Quick and rambunctious, squirrels play sideways along the bark. Randomly chasing each other, and hiding their food. Satisfied and full, nuts are buried for later in the park. They will fail to find them later though, when they’re in the mood.

Unlike the rodents, a red bird chips in the sky. Vermillion flycatcher lands on a nest, filled with eggs. With a simple call to the mother, she joins him while the sun is still high. Xander the Flycatcher emerges into the world and stands on his own two legs.

Youngsters play in the yard, while my body lays here, completely numb. Zoning out on the couch, I take another pill and continue watching the fantasy playing in my head like a rerun.

Well, that took a bit of a dark turn…

This was fun though! Do you think you can do this challenge?! I wanna see! ##

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