* Day 24ish – Lesson Learned

Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way.

When I was about 19 years old, I had a pretty tight knit group of girl friends. We would do everything together. I was very close to these girls. I never had many girlfriends growing up; I usually got along with guys more (less drama). One of my friends was in the Army (Stacy) and had met a guy there. She and him lived in the same city and so they started dating and he hung around our group a lot. He was a bit of a charmer, handsome, witty and flirted with all of us. Don’t tell my mom, but, this was the age where I started drinking and got drunk a lot. :/

Well, one day, Stacy had to work late and so me and her boyfriend hung out. (I’ll call him Steve). Steve and I were already hanging out quite a bit before this day, so it was nothing unusual. But this day, we were drinking and I slept on Stacy’s couch and Steve slept in the bedroom. I’m not sure how it happened, but I ended up going to the bedroom because it was more comfortable. Long story short, it ended up with sex. Since that day, I really fell for Steve, even though he was still with Stacy. We hid it for a while, until one day. I called up my other friend (I’ll call her Amy) to tell her about me and Steve. It was like a bomb had dropped on me when she said the next thing: “Steve and I have been dating for like 2 months…”

After that, my entire friendship with Stacy and Amy both completely crumbled to ashes. I still remember the conversation with Amy to this day. I can’t believe the way I reacted and behaved about that who situation. The lesson I learned was to NEVER choose a guy over your friends, ever. If I could take back everything that happened, I would. Steve ended up being a complete asshole and is probably a drunk now. ##

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