Day… uh crap…

So, I left my writing challenge list at work (uuuuggggg) so, I won’t be updating that today. But, I did have a very interesting dream last night that I will write about instead! Be warned, you’re diving inside my head, so hang on. 🙂

Bear with me, it’s almost noon now and I woke up at about 8am. I couldn’t find my phone, so I wasn’t able to record my dream as it was fresh in my mind. Excuse my ramblings; you have been warned again.

This dream took place at my dads house. But, it was about half the size, the living room is where the kitchen is, my bedroom was where the living room was, no kitchen, and a toilet sat in the middle with only a tiny half wall surrounding it. I was living with a boyfriend (Tony – a guy I haven’t even thought about in like 8 years!) and we were setting up for a party. I think we were both stoned or something because I remember a lot of the dream, him sleeping and me looking at myself sleeping. I know there was a huge stereo blasting music and not effecting us at all. It was dark outside, and no one showed up to the party. Remembering how small the place was, I honestly don’t know how anyone would have fit in there comfortably. Anyways, I finally wake up from sleeping half the dream, to look for my animals. They were all outside (including my indoor cats!!) and I flipped out.

This is part of the dream where I get pissed. I open the sliding glass door to see my cat Jynx (the black one) meowing at my sight and walking back inside. Sokka (the kitten) was just laying down, chillin’ outside, like nothing out of the ordinary going on. Next thing I saw was Ludo (sisters dog) with a ton of strings wrapped around his body, running around, freaking out. (understandably) I finally got a hold of him and get the strings off. The other dog (not my dog Dobby, but another dog named Luna) who also had strings on her and I freed her as well. I walk to the backyard to see a couple of bowls of food for them, which I assumed Tony put out for them. They were half wet food and half, uh, 2 inch cooked steaks. This food choice was already strange to me, but then I see under a tree, 5 HUGE STEAKS just laying in the grass for my pets. Like, wtf? I was sooooo upset (I’m fairly emotional in my dreams) So I grabbed a couple steaks that were half the size of my arm, bring them into the house and yell at Tony; who is still sleeping. Now that I think of it, maybe I’m not sure it was him, I never really saw his face. *shrugs*

Then, I forgive him quickly, dress down to my undies and press my body up against his, that STILL LAYING IN BED.

And then it ends. ##

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