* Day 15 – Day in the Life

Oh god, this is a weird question, but here we go.

Bullet-point your whole day.

  • Wake up; check phone
  • Press snooze a couple dozen times
  • Finally wake up
  • Go pee; while my dog goes out to pee
  • Brush teef (spit, rinse, repeat)
  • Let doggo in; put in sisters room to sleep cause he’s sooper lazy
  • Pet kitties cause they were locked out all night *sad face*
  • Ignore them as they meow, waiting for food
  • Feed fishes, right in front of starving cats
  • Reassure kitties that Auntie will feed them soon
  • Pet them s’more
  • Get dressed and do boring ‘getting ready for work’ stuff
  • Grab purse and thangs and head out the door
  • Lock both doors and say goodbye to starving kitties
  • Open gate to get to my car
  • Unlock door and sit inside the car
  • Start it up and wait for heater to come on
  • Switch station to NPR
  • Drive all the way through town, meanwhile, sun isn’t even awake yet
  • *Take picture of sunrise!*
  • Wooooooooooooooooork, and things like working
  • Go home at exactly the time I’m supposed to be off
  • Pick up doggos from fathers house where they like more than real home
  • (he has a backyard and sunshine)
  • Chit-chat with padre and watch some tv
  • Go home with dogs and get a nose shoved in my face while driving
  • (it’s adorable and not at all annoying)
  • (No, that is not sarcasm)
  • Get home and drink a couple bottles of wine
  • Did I say bottles? I meant, glass.. no I meant bottles πŸ™‚
  • (Yes, it wasn’t not is sarcasm)
  • Play video games, eat delicious carbs, proteins and starches
  • Feed all aminals proteins; they stop begging and whining
  • Relax in front of tv and go to bed at 8pm
  • I am old lady; don’t judge.

Hope this helps you know me better. That’s what this was for, right? *Shrugs* ##


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