* Day 6 – Win my Heart

I know, I know, I’m behind. Bare with me. I will have Day 7 up after this too. ^.^

Five ways to win your heart.

Debating on making this public, but I guess I’ve already started…

I like someone who is goal oriented. They need to be in school or have a job in the career they want. I’ve been with guys before who have been bums, and let me tell you… it did not last long. This also tells me that you can finish something or ‘go the distance’ to get what you desire. That type of mindset can translate to people and relationships too. At least I hope it does.

Educated. Nothing irritates me more than texting a guy who spells almost everything wrong. wen u tlk lik dis, fk off. <<<< DO NOT DO. You may be doing it on purpose because it’s “faster”, but you’re really only hurting yourself, honey. The other part of this, is I want someone to talk to who isn’t dense and shallow and has no clue what’s going on in the rest of the world. I may not always be in the loop either, but I try to broaden my horizons and I think I get an A for effort.

Good with kids. I do want to have kids someday… and I will whether you’re in the picture or not… and you need to be awesome around them. Plus, someone who treats kids and toddlers well usually have a pure heart. It’s not an easy quality to find.

Independent. I myself am finding to be more independent than I used to be, and I want the same in someone else. Yes it’s good to have someone in your life and look up to them for certain things, but I don’t like being bothered when I’m trying to complete something on my own. Neediness looks desperate, and it shows me that I can’t be myself because I am worried about you. I know this might sound a little bitchy, but it’s just who I am. Don’t get me wrong though, I have been in such a deep state of love that I want to spend all my time time with them, but there is always a time and place.

Lastly, taking care of yourself. This can go for many things. I am not the most active person in the world because me and exercise don’t get along . But I need to know if you’re looking out for your health. We only have one body. If I find out you have been pissing it away, it shows me you don’t have much respect for yourself and it’s hard to receive that respect from me. I try to eat healthy when I can and I am observant when it comes to my own body. It’s a real turn off if you never try to think of what you do to yourself. ##

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