* Day 5 – Travel


List five places you want to visit.

If I could travel the world, I totally would. (Not a fan of the country I’m in right now).

  1. New Zealand. I have wanted to go here since I could remember. If you don’t know much about the country, look it up. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s run by one of those government types where you have to contribute to society in order to become a citizen. Like Canada, I think?? And even though it gets cold and snowy there, I could do it. One of these days I WILL visit. Not to mention, Lord of the Rings was filmed there. Effing LORD OF THE RINGS.
  2. Japan. I’m thinking I would would probably gravitate towards Toyko, but I’m not sure. It’s extremely busy, densely populated. Might be a nightmare for me, but I would like to visit. The life is just so vastly different than America. The food, the culture, the style, the people. Definitely on my bucket list.
  3. Rome. How can anyone not love Rome? The history of it all is enough to fall in love with. I’m not much into history, but I love anything that has to do with the Roman’s and all the laws and art made when it was the height of the world. All of the statues and museums and the way they preserve the past id beautiful.
  4. New York, NY. This is a gimme. I’ve never been, but it’s like one of those cities that you just HAVE to visit sometime in your life. Like a milestone. And it’s similar to Tokyo where it’s just densely populated and touristy, but you gotta see it.
  5. And lastly, but def. not least, is Paris. If you know me at all, you know that I love the Eiffel tower. I have pictures on my walls of it, and other France pictures. It’s so old and beautiful with cobblestone streets and vines growing on everything. I don’t know about their government, but I don’t care either. haha

Others that didn’t quite make the cut, but still want to visit very badly: Italy, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, California (Hollywood.LA) Seattle, Canada, Hawaii, Australia, and of course Harry Potter World. ##

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