Second Enstallment

While I’m waiting for feedback on my first book, I am trying to start on my second. I have literally had 5 different intros and I’m not stoked about any of them. Of course, this is a continuation of the first one and I don’t want to start it immediately after the first one. The time elapsed is proving quite tricky. First I had like a year, then a week later, then two months later and now I’m on one month. And trying to decide what Sydona is doing in the first page or two is really frustrating. Having this in third person-limited is kinda biting me in the ass now. I want so badly to show what other characters are doing or how they react to what SHE does, but I can’t!

Maybe it’s telling me that I need to like my MC more lol (Trust me, I like her much more now than I did in the beginning.) Trying to decide what she will do or say all the time is hard because she is nothing like myself. And that can be a good thing, but also very complicated.

Right now I am contemplating on having her attempt suicide after a series of traumatic events happening all at once. I think any normal person would get pretty depressed after what she went through. Weighing the options of if she would actually go that far as to try it though, is challenging. Guess I’ll just brainstorm some more. Ugggg.. help me out here guys… ##

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